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Spending money on leads?

Complete! Check your inbox and phone for a speedy reply.

Deft is built for advisors who want to respond to leads instantly. Be fast or forget it.

Hi         I'm Pat. To get started with DeftSales just put your email in the field below and I'll reach out ASAP!


Win more clients and save time

Connect with leads as soon as they hit your inbox via calls/texts/emails as you prefer and add them to your CRM.

Seriously. If you are trying to grow your book, you need this tool.

When you market digitally, you are dealing with online buyers who move fast and expect a quick response.

Automated follow up


Deft Sales gives you built-in, starter email drip campaigns and text messages that are strategically designed to build trust and convert prospects.

Skip the CRM Data Entry


Deft Sales automatically populates prospect information into your CRM. Skip the data entry process and spend more time advising clients on how to achieve their goals.

Be fast or forget it


Ever lose a lead because another advisor followed up first? Deft Sales follows up immediately, even when you're helping another client. Be the first to respond.

get started

Spend Less Time Selling and More Time Closing

Deft Sales automatically detects leads the moment they hit your inbox and follows up via text and email so you can earn more business and focus on advising.

Sales Made Easy Peasy

Set up in minutes.


Step 2

Add your name, company logo, certifications, and social media icons to Deft Sales’ starter emails for a personal touch. You can also personalize the language of automated texts and emails to make them even stronger.

Personalize Texts and Emails

Step 3

Focus on your clients and let Deft Sales handle the rest.


Set It Up

Sync Deft Sales to your phone, Email, and CRM in less than two minutes.

Step 1

One of the best investments a Financial Advisor Can Make

Invest in yourself. Deft Sales pays for itself and more.

When you use Deft Sales, you’re investing in yourself—just like your clients do. Reach out and convert more leads without taking time out of advising.


What MORE Advisors Are Saying About Us

The advisors featured are actual DeftSales clients. They have not been paid for their insights.

"It has made the lead management much simpler and more concise."


"For the referral process I think its a game changer. You can be one of the first people to reach out."


"The automated instant email is huge. I know I am not utilizing the software to its fullest potential yet, but my touch ratio has doubled with just having the email feature turned on."




Instant Automated Outreach via text and email

Nurture each lead with email & text drips

Starter email campaigns

Automated CRM entry

Works with any email


$20 per additional local phone number

Email & Text Archiving in Advisor's Email

Email & Text Metric Tracking


$90 per additional user

$40 per additional lead source


Basic Features

Fast Call - call leads REALLY fast

Customized lead entry into CRM

$20 per additional local phone number

Next Call - Daily call list.


Calling Metrics

CallerID Set up

One click calling


$90 per additional user

$40 per additional lead source

Here is a collection of some frequently asked questions from our clients:



  • How do I get started?
    See how it works in real-time with our live demo or get started with DeftSales here.
  • How do I add my CRM?
    Enter your login info for your preferred CRM.
  • What CRMs does Deft Sales integrate with?
    Deft Sales seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Redtail and Wealthbox.
  • What Email providers does Deft Sales integrate with?
    Deft Sales integrates with any Microsoft, Google, Exchange, or SMTP/IMAP email service.
  • Does it work on my phone?
    Deft Sales is a web-based software that works in your browser on your computer and phone. Access new leads from anywhere.
  • How fast is Deft?
    Deft detects emails and responds in seconds. See for yourself with this live demo.
  • Have other questions?
    Email us at
how it works

What Advisors Are Saying About Us

Cliff Hawkins - Wealth Advisor - Hilltop Wealth Solutions

"In the last 6 months I think I’ve got almost three times as many new clients than I did the last 12 months when I was trying to do it by myself."

Amanda Sharrat - COO - Whitaker Wealth

“They were getting leads that were making appointments with them and they never even made contact with them”

The advisors featured are actual DeftSales clients. They have not been paid for their insights.

Andrew Burgess - Operations Manager - Anchor Wealth Management

"We are on pace to triple the amount of new clients because of it [Deft]."

Does this sound like you?

  • Spend $1000/mo on leads and digital marketing

  • Get more than 10 leads per month

  • Want to instantly respond to leads in a personal way

Online leads expect a quick response. If you don't reach leads quickly, someone else will. Maximize your return on ads, marketing, and leads. Get Deft and rest assured you instantly reach out to every lead.

If you answered yes, you need ​​ DeftSales

Randall Neighbour - Advisor - Kingdom Wealth Management

"It [response rate] probably increased 300-400%"

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