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Meet the Team

Now with the full support of SmartAsset. Read about the SmartAsset Leadership Team.


Deft Sales is on a mission to expedite connecting professional service providers with the people who need their help. We believe in the concept of a best fit – there is a perfect match to be made across all professional service provider options for a particular lead, and it’s our job to make that one happen as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


Helping Helpers Help


Our approach is to create only what is truly needed by our customers and to remain aware of the ecosystems in which they operate. We strive to eliminate all fluff and guesswork; if you didn’t ask for it, we won’t push it. We also understand that your successful operations are a function of harmony with your environment, and we are careful not to cause you indirect harm either now or later.

You Can’t Beat Direct Simplicity


At Deft Sales, we believe that straight talk is good business. To us, there is a difference between professionalism, which we value highly, and formalism, which can get in the way. We put a good deal of extra thought into communicating simply and directly to save you time and hassle. Regardless of who you are and where you are from, we hope to smile and connect on a personal level along the way.

We Care About You


We really do! We are on a rather specific mission, but within that scope we want things to work out for each and every person our process touches. Want proof, contact us here, and we’ll be happy to chat with you and learn about your experience related to lead management.


At Deft Sales, we believe that one day people everywhere will be able to instantly find the best possible helper to meet their particular need. We believe that, similarly, one day service providers will be able to instantly access the people who need their particular kind of help the most.


James Fason

James has always been fascinated by computers. In high school, when he finished second in the state for programming, he knew he had not only the desire to work on software but also the talent to innovate and craft elegant software solutions. His voracious appetite for knowledge and focus on delivering results has helped numerous companies, including Houston’s M.D. Anderson and Schlumberger. James graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor’s in Computer Science. When he’s not writing great code he can usually be found playing chess, foosball, and reading about the brain. 


Hunter Wright

Hunter loves software, baseball ⚾, foosball, and woodworking.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin w/ a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He's worked in oil and gas, manufacturing, and R&D - writing software with a focus on data acquisition and physics. Outside of work, you can probably find Hunter in his garage woodshop or at a local foosball tournament. 

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Brendan Brown

Brendan has a diverse business background, ranging from project management/engineering of offshore oil and gas construction to software sales and development. Whether he is designing plans for heavy construction offshore or coordinating with clients to understand and meet their needs, his work ethic is present in everything he does. Brendan holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Most weekends you’ll find him cycling or enjoying all the amazing food Houston has to offer.

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