Why Users are Referring Others

Nearly 50% of our users learned about us through referrals.

That is a big percentage! Typically, growing software companies brage about 5-10% growth through referrals. We wanted to learn about why our app is recommended, so we got in touch with our users. Thanks to everyone who corresponded in our outreach about this. We did some compiling and are excited to share the results, here. The top five reasons people decided to refer Deft Sales to another SmartVestor, were, in descending order of popularity:

  1. It’s easy to recommend something that you already love. Almost all of you told us how much you love Deft Sales. (This is such wonderful affirmation! We love our users, too.) If you are reading this and you aren’t a Deft Sales user, yet, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with an existing user.

  2. You can explain all of Deft Sales in less than 30 seconds. You indicated that you are much more likely to share about something in general when it’s easy to explain. How long does it take to say, “Deft Sales automates your response to new leads until they reply”? About 4 seconds. Explaining how Deft Sales does this takes less than 30 seconds. We’ve talked to hundreds of financial advisors to learn what core capabilities they really need and what specific features best enable them. The goal for us has been elegant simplicity atop a great deal of synthesized user feedback. It appears an easy-to-use tool is easy to explain, and that was important when it came to referrals. As advertised, here is the entire app explained in 30 seconds

  3. We’re rewarding you for referrals. We would have been surprised if this didn’t make the list, and, in fact, we expected it at the very top. Whenever you recommend Deft Sales to another user and they sign up, you get another free month on the app. If you didn’t know about this and want in, here’s the referrals link you can share: https://forms.gle/A5V49tfShvspaWMKA.

  4. Deft Sales is a good deal. We heard from many of you that Deft Sales is a no brainer when it comes to price. That’s great! As many of you mentioned, even a single new conversion you get from the app covers the cost of the tool for many months. We’re happy to hear that you’re getting lots of new conversions, making the app a clear net gain in value for you. That’s the whole point!

  5. We have great customer service. You suggested that you’re more likely to suggest tools to your network when you feel confident that their experience won’t be frustrating or painful. Several of you mentioned that you just want to help us out because we’re friendly people. Thanks! We’ve found interacting with all of you to be quite pleasant, too. It makes sense that successful financial advisors are friendly and helpful folks to talk to. You inspired us. Want to meet us and see for yourself how nice we are? Book a time with us here.