What Makes it Easy to Get Started with Deft Sales

Deft Sales is growing quickly in part because it is so easy to set up

There exists four categories of software: the stuff that is complicated and helps no one, the stuff that is simple but unhelpful, the stuff that helps but is too complicated to bother setting up, and the stuff that helps and is simple.

At Deft Sales, we’re proud to represent a tool in this last category. The whole point of Deft Sales is to make things easier and faster for financial advisors, so it would be a shame to fail at this from the outset when introducing our tool for the first time. It really does take just four seconds to summarize what Deft Sales does. Try saying this out loud and time yourself: “Deft Sales speeds up and automates your outreach to leads,” or, “Deft Sales is your pre-CRM CRM for leads”. When we call financial advisors and tell them this, they typically want to hear more. “Ok, so what does it do?”

From there, it takes 30 seconds to summarize the benefits and features. Here’s a video that does just that. Some people prefer a bit more context and explanation of how the features create the benefits. That takes only one minute to explain. We have a video for that, too. The next step is one that, in the software world, is typically boring, confusing, and long: demoing the app. While many tools take more than an hour to showcase to prospective users, Deft Sales take 10 minutes. In just 10 minutes, financial advisors can actually see how the tool does what it does and get a comprehensive sense of what it would be like to use it, themselves.

The next step is onboarding, which takes usually between 10 and 15 minutes. The financial advisor has already seen the demo, and the setup process involves following those same steps. It is hard to imagine how it could be easier. The tool also comes with a built-in outreach campaign, so subscribers don’t even have to design their messaging from scratch. We hear that completely customizing the email campaign takes around 30 minutes on average. This is a one-time endeavor, as, once it is set up, it need only ever be tweaked and never rewritten.

For now, we are also offering 30 free days on the tool for every new user. The time investment is miniscule, and the benefits are free for a month. After that, the savings compound for the rest of the financial advisor’s career. The tool speeds up initial responses, allowing financial advisors to drastically boost their contact-back rates from leads – about 10x, from our surveying! More communicative leads mean more opportunities for match-making and conversion, and, because the software automates the follow-up until leads are responsive, it means more time available to focus in on the conversion. That’s why our users are reporting 5x more conversions. Want to try this process out?

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