The Deft Sales Lead Response Experience

What does it feel like when Deft Sales revolutionizes your new lead response process?

You end a call with a client and walk back to your desk from the conference room. You sit down and open your email, and you’ve missed three new leads from a paid network. You’re about an hour behind the starting line at this point, and you know others in your region are racing you to be the first responder to each new lead. You find the first phone number and make a call, and the line is busy. Darn. Probably a competitor. You open up your CRM software and start typing in the lead information. You get a call from another one of your existing clients, and another hour goes by before you can return to handling the new leads. You’re now half an hour into your lunch break and another new lead hit your inbox while you were away. Sigh. It’s another ordinary day as a financial advisor.

Except, maybe today isn’t so ordinary. You check out Deft Sales and learn that you can automate the first response protocol completely. Better yet, the automated version is instantaneous. Now we’re talking. A new lead hits your inbox, and you get a call instantly from Deft Sales telling you about the person. You put your sandwich down and press 1 to connect. The call forwards to the lead. You hear: “Wow, I’m surprised you got back to me so quickly. I only just expressed interest in a financial advisor.” You easily convert the lead.

While you’re at it, another call comes in from Deft Sales with another lead that hit your inbox. You’re busy talking to your new client, so you let the call go. You aren’t worried. You know Deft Sales just sent the client your introductory message in the form of a text. Their reply pops up in your Deft Sales dashboard: “Wow, I didn’t expect a financial advisor to get back to me so quickly, and it’s nice to finally connect with a professional who actually texts.” Keeping track later? Easy. You know that Deft Sales has already automatically added the new leads to your CRM. Looks like this is a good day, after all. You sense a new standard is blooming, here.

Want this to be your day? Get set up with Deft Sales now.