Staying on Schedule with Leads

How about earning back 66% of your outreach time?

Do you remember that your leads network expects to reach out to every new lead within the first 24 hours? If it takes you thirty minutes to read the new lead email, add the lead to your CRM, make a phone call, send a text, and draft your initial email, you are an impressively efficient person. If you start that process as soon as a new lead email comes in, the lead hears from you across various media within the first thirty minutes.

Is that the reality, though? New leads enter your inbox unpredictably, so you cannot plan your schedule around them. What most advisors are used to is hopping in and out of meetings with existing clients and checking their email for new leads in little snatI cches of time here and there. It becomes a challenge to organize your schedule for each lead coherently. Did you already call that phone number, or was that the one you were going to get to later in the evening? Did you already put that lead into your CRM, or is this the one you planned on getting to after lunch?

What’s more, the work isn’t over after the first outreach is sent. Many leads don’t respond right away, so continued outreach is necessary. Below is a commonly recommended outreach calendar for financial advisors to stick to until they hear back from a new lead. Assuming it takes 10 minutes to handle each outreach item on the calendar, the calendar proposes 3 hours of work per lead. It would only take 7 new leads per week to fill half of your total schedule.

That’s where Deft Sales comes in. Our program automates your response to new leads using a campaign you set up in advance. If it took you thirty minutes to handle a new lead before, well, it takes our software less than one minute to handle them for you now. Still haven’t heard back from a particular new lead? Aren’t sure whether it’s day 4 or day 6 for that person on your outreach calendar? Not a problem. Deft Sales completely takes care of all of this for you. It fully automates 2/3rds of your outreach on the proposed calendar. That’s saving you 2 hours per lead across a two-week campaign. In our above scenario of 7 leads per week, Deft Sales would save you 14 hours per week.

Notice, all that’s left are the phone calls. Deft automatically triggers the first phone call for you, but we don’t do anything to get in the way of your personal touch. As soon as you have a lead on the phone, it will be you they talk to. As soon as a lead replies to any message you set up in our campaign, the campaign automatically stops. That’s where the advising part begins, and that’s your real job. Let us automate the outreach for you. Oh, and that process of adding new leads into your CRM? Deft Sales automates that process, too.

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