Podcast: Quantifying Deft Sales ROI

What is your time worth, and how much is a new quality conversion worth?

Tyler is an experienced financial advisor who is also a data analyst for his firm covering lead sourcing and management. Tyler’s firm is doing quite well. Well enough, in fact, that they’re in the process of acquiring another financial advising firm to grow and streamline their business. Tyler is a recent transplant into the company, having moved over from one of the bigger financial institutions in the US to help champion the growth. We sat down with Tyler to discuss the data he’s captured about Deft Sales and lead management.

Here’s the interview with Tyler:

Key takeaways:

  • In nine weeks, Deft automated >800 messages to leads, which amounted to ~67 hours of saved time, valued at ~$7,000.

  • Without Deft, <4% of leads wound up scheduling qualifying meetings. That number jumped to 21% with Deft, a 573% increase.

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