Lead Management from Web Traffic

What if your website grew your AUM for you?

It can, especially now.

Imagine if high quality leads signed up on your website to get in touch with you. If they don’t already, this shouldn’t sound far-fetched. After all, leads sign up on lead network websites all the time, and they often do so without even knowing who in particular they’ll hear from. If you have a website, chances are that it’s been viewed by someone you’d like to hear from.

Driving traffic to your website is a great way to discover and convert qualified leads. It is possible that you have a website solely so that existing clients and their potential referrals have a place online they can associate with you. The much more common scenario, however, is this: You work hard to get people to discover you and what you do because you want more business and you know you can execute. When they do discover you, you route them to your website, where you hope they then reach out to you seeking business.

So what’s your call to action on your website? Is there a form in an obvious place that people can fill out to get in touch with you? A quick and easy form (name, email, message) is much more likely to yield outreach from a lead than merely listing your contact information. When people see a form, they feel in control of the outcome, and they don’t have to take the same risk or exert the same brain power in initiating that a phone call or email draft would require of them. If you want to convert quality clients from your website, a form is essential. Deft Sales can now set up and manage forms for you on your website, speeding up your response (striking while the iron is hot) and saving you time on continued outreach (time that can go into managing responsive leads and clients).

Right now is a great time to be implementing a web form with Deft Sales. Why? Because of new rulings from the SEC allowing financial advisors to share testimonials (as of May 4th, 2021). When a prospective client with considerable assets to manage is sizing you up, they’re wondering about your capacity to grow their wealth. While the future is inherently uncertain, at least your past need no longer be a mystery to them. The time has come to share boldly what you have accomplished, not through your own voice but through their voices. Create and spread testimonials, whether through direct advertisements or otherwise, and people can be routed to your website. When they get there have them land at or near a form they can fill out to get Deft Sales started on managing them for you.

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