Hear from a Deft Sales user

An early customer shares what it’s like to use Deft Sales

We have grown accustomed to users reaching out to thank us and to get to know us better. One of our first subscribers happens to live just down the street from our office. He invited us out for coffee. We’ve since had a few chats, and he agreed to share his thoughts about our tool anonymously. Here’s a short interview:

What was your reaction when you first heard about Deft Sales? I was thrilled to find out there was a service that could help me connect to my leads so quickly and efficiently. What made you decide to start using the tool? I pay north of $1000 a month for my leads and I must share them with four other advisors in my territory. Any edge I can find to connect with them faster than my competition is a worthy pursuit. How has the app helped you so far? The automated emails have been very helpful, and because they’re not coming from Constant Contact I know they’re being read more often. Deft Sales lets me send the automated emails straight from my inbox, and it doesn’t put any kind of logo on the bottom of the email. What features are the most interesting to you? Adding the lead immediately to Redtail has been a godsend. That was always a pain to do and I didn’t always transfer the information from the email to Redtail without typographical errors. How do you think Deft Sales will change how it works to be a financial advisor? It eliminates a lot of wasted time adding leads to Redtail and emailing them. Now I spend my time working with new clients and calling prospects. Where do you predict Deft Sales will be in 5 years? With all the new features being discussed, I see great days ahead for the company. This kind of financial advisor support is urgently needed. The outreach and conversion part of my work has grown significantly easier. What do the leads networks think of Deft Sales? They are all about, “Are the advisors being helped?”. If Deft Sales is making life easier for advisors, they are 100% on board. Do you have a message to other financial advisors out there? Yeah, I certainly do. Get help from useful tools or get left in the dust. It’s as simple as that. Changes might not happen right away in every part of the country, but something like Deft Sales is long overdue, solving many problems at once.

Want to chat with one of our existing users to get a better feel for how it works and why its helpful? Ask us to introduce you.