Boost your Lead Conversions

How You (and Your Assistants) Can Dramatically Increase Your Client Count

Regardless of whether you employ assistants to handle your new leads, firms using our software outperform those that don’t. One team of assistants reported a 50% contact-back rate on the nearly 50 leads they received in the first three-week period after they began using our software. More than 40% of the qualified leads scheduled appointments, a 4.5x improvement over the rate they were consistently getting before using our software. This has led to a whopping 5x growth in converted clients as compared to previous periods! Another solo practitioner reported 5.2x growth.

We got a sense of how this works from over 20 hours of talking to assistants across dozens of financial advisory firms. Some financial advisors are their own assistants, in which case the below describes just a part of their time.

Assistants' work fits two categories: reaching out to new leads who have yet to reply, and communicating with leads who are already replying. The first category is essential, because because missing a lead is an expensive loss. It is also traditionally the category that demands the most time. Patrolling inboxes constantly to reply quickly when new leads materialize, managing CRM to import new leads manually, and drafting followup outreach emails to try and get the lead to respond is as demanding as it is rote. This high-risk and time intensive part is the part that Deft Sales automates.

The second category of how assistants spend time, however, is not automatable, because it requires interpersonal connection and clear representation of your company culture. This category consists of listening to leads, understanding where they are coming from, determining whether they are a good fit for your firm, and scheduling them with you if they are. This second category is essential, and it only gets better if assistants are able to devote more time to it. Assistants who are no longer desperately trying to keep track of new leads become able to devote more deliberation toward nurturing communicative leads and gathering more accurate and thorough critical information from them. It is not hard to imagine, then, how automating the first category boosts the firm’s overall performance so significantly.

Why did the leads respond to initial outreach?

  • Because it was quick, thorough, and persistent via automation from Deft Sales.

Why then, did the communicating leads schedule time with the advisor?

  • Because the assistants or the advisor had more time and energy to do a better job of nurturing the leads.

Why did the advisor close more new clients?

  • Because they had more appointments, and because those appointments were with more qualified leads.

Ok, so what’s the cost of achieving this performance increase?

  • It’s generally covered for the whole year by the addition of a single new client. Compare that to the cost of doubling your team, or of outsourcing new lead outreach to a consultancy, or, much more drastically, of the lost opportunity if you did not invest in Deft Sales.

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